The Plan

Communications and Technology are elements required for lasting security solutions. Before implementing a plan, list your objectives. Then consider the tools and staffing to make it happen. A great plan aids in observing and reporting.

The Night Watch

Rembrandt, Officers and Men of the Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq and Lieutenant Wilhelm van Ruytenburgh, known as the Night Watch, 1642, oil on canvas, 379.5 x 453.5 cm (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)

The Watch

Technology & Service

Keeping watch means more than DVR systems, radios, and camera equipment. The Human element is also important, especially when the unexpected happens. In business we call this Atmosphere Management. We can help you with everything from answering questions to directing the public and dealing with difficult people. However, as our name indicates... We are primarily your Night Watch. Keeping your people and assets safe when you are not there.

Night Watch Patrol Net 2.0

This site is a reboot of the original hosted on Network Solutions. The old site was not open to the public. Radios and DVR systems were the specialties. It has since been moved to Google. Expanded services will now include Physical Security by our family of providers.